Wax Ephemeral

From various frames of view, Wax Ephemeral is a tribute to the carousel of life, death, and revival
into new forms in a diverse but interconnected network of beings and organisms.


Rachael Philip is a Manchester based Composer specialising in scoring for film, television and commercials.

Since graduating from the National Film and Television School in 2019, her work has featured on BBC Sounds Sleeping Forecast, Channel 4 as well as at COP 26, and she has written for numerous award-winning and award-nominated films and commercials, many of which have been viewed on the international stage at festivals, including Cannes, San Sebastian, Rotterdam, British Arrows, Neum and Manchester Animation Festival amongst others. Rachael also released her first album Wax Ephemeral and has music published with Motus Music, Bibliotheque Music, Bleach Productions and Resister. Most recently she has worked as part of the music department for Segun Akinola on Doctor Who: Series 13 as well as a number of high-profile projects due for release in 2024/25.

With a background of performance in piano, guitar, cello and more recently clarinet, Rachael is now a regular keys player in a big band and has familiarity with a multitude of musical styles which influence her music.

​As a Composer, Rachael is described as intuitive and is particularly interested in amalgamating ambient, electronic and classical elements and utilising sound design and electro-acoustic techniques to inject interesting sounds and textures into her pieces.